Automatically Create a Backend for A Node.js App
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Automatically Create a Backend for A Node.js App

This is another article that’s mostly for me. One of the Google YouTube shows had a founder from a service called Amplication on it. It’s totally a service that I am going to try in the future – if for curiosity more than anything else.

 So, what is Amplication?  Amplication is a service that scaffolds the backend of an application automatically. It basically creates a database along with endpoints for the CRUD operations for that database.

One of the neat things about Amplication is that your backend can be synced with a GitHub repository. Any changes you make to that code base is automatically updated in Amplication, too. Otherwise, Amplication respects your git commits. They aren’t over-written.

That gives me hope. That means that if Amplication does something I’m not fond of, I can change it.

In case anyone needs it in the future, here’s Amplication’s YouTube channel.

Here’s the initial video I watched introducing me to Amplication.

Amplication does have a subscription model, but their free tier is very generous.

At any rate, I haven’t used Amplication yet. This post is a reminder for me. I’m going to try it in the future, and I have a couple of ideas for that.

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